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People who attained the rank of [ private ] - Results 121

Anderson, Alfred Frank

Anderson, Keith Forsyth

Barry, Henry Theophilus

Barry, Patrick Cecil

Barry, Richard Kevin

Bence, George Forsyth

Bennett, William

Bird, Charles William

Blake, Hector Norman

Booth, Thomas Hart

Booth, William Chapman

Bottle, Henry Charles

Bottle, Hugh Joseph

Bourke, William Henry

Boyd, Joseph

Boyd, Raymond

Brennan, William

Brunt, Isaac

Buckley, Albert (Ted) Joseph

Buckley, James

Buckley, William

Calderwood, John Robert

Cameron, George William

Campbell, Archibald Neil

Campbell, John Henderson

Carter, Albert James

Carter, Walter William

Chambers, Francis

Chambers, Harold Heathcote Hayes

Claney, Alexander

Clark, Archbold (Archie)

Coates, Richard Joseph Harrison

Cobham, Edwin

Condon, Henry (Harry) Andrew

Cook, William Alfred

Crook, James Robert

Croton, Richard

Crouch, Robert Wallace

Cumming, Norman Hope

Davis, Archie

Davis, Leslie

Davis, Wilfred George Ernest

Davison, James

Dixon, William

Dodemaide, Frank

Drever, William Alexander

Dubout, Vere

Dukelow, William Henry

Durward, Alexander

Earl, Everett Belmont Graham

Edgerton, James (Jim) Henry

Edgerton, William Albenia

Emmett, John

Evans, Reginald Robert

Fairbank, Alfred (Fairy) Edmund

Farrow, Alfred George

George, Herbert Ilot

Gladman, Charles Arthur

Goudie, William

Grant, Harry Sutherland

Hammond, John William

Hanrahan, Cornelius

Hawkins, Thomas Leslie

Hine, Albert William Tyrrel

Hine, Arthur William

Holman, H

Johansen, James

Johansen, John Edward

Johnston, William

Kennelly, James Martin

Kerr, Grant McDonald

Leitch, Peter

Love, Bernard Patrick

Low, John Campbell

Main, John

McDougall, Sydney Victor

McGregor, John

McKenzie, Clive Edward

McLachlan, John James

Minnett, Samuel

Mitchelson, George Squires

Moore, David Roy

Moore, James Hogg

Moore, Peter

Murdoch, Alexander (Scottie)

Murphy, Thomas

Nolan, William Henry

Oliver, Charles Victor

Oliver, Ernest Robert

Oliver, Robert

Oliver, Thomas

Orton, Edwin

O′Leary, James

O′Leary, Thomas

Pigott, Francis (Frank) Michael Joseph

Platt, William Henry

Rogers, William

Ross, John (Jack) William

Russell, Frederick

Russell, Ivan John

Russell, Robert Joseph

Simmons, Thomas John

Slack, Alfred George

Smith, Ernest (Ernie) Arthur

Smith, Gordon Thomas

Smith, Melville Gardiner

Smith, Thomas Henry

Smyth, John Charles (Charlie)

Somerton, Charles Henry

Sutton, George Hafferford

Swanton, Henry

Symington, William Henry

Todd, William Joseph

Tregoning, William James

Turnour, Arthur Wallace (Tom)

Turnour, James Owen

Usher, James (Jimmie) Walter Henry

Ward, Francis Daniel

Watson, Henry (Harry)

Waud, Arthur Henry

Williams, Clifford (Cliff) Davies