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There are mistakes and errors on some of the plaques attached to the trees.

Some are probably transcription errors and some are due to the fact that the details may have changed between the time of the tree planting and the time the person finished their service.

Notes are provided to explain any inconsistancies between the Service Records and the plaque.


Any text that is hilighted like this means that if you rest the cursor over it there will be some extra information displayed, quite often an explanation of an anacronym. On a mobile device tap once to display extra information, tap again to remove.

Finding a Person

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Searching for Service Record at the NAA

An online search for Personel Service Records is available on the National Archives of Australia (NAA) website:-

If I have been able to locate a Service Record for a person there will be a link to the above site on the details page for that person. (if you send me an email I can mail back my copy.)